Parade Entry Info

Hillbilly Days

Pike County's 38th Annual Hillbilly Days is fast approaching. With the continued growth of the event & crowd, a list of parade changes have been issued for 2014 to ensure the safety of all.
Below is a list of the changes to the parade event:
  1. There will be a $50 Registration Fee for any participants OTHER THAN Civic & Non-Profit Organizations. We will continue to honor NO Registration Fee, for the Civic & Non-Profit. We will require proof of this status, however, once registered for the parade. All entry fees collected will be donated to the Shriners Hospital.
  2. A completed Registration Form along with Entry Fee must be returned to Pikeville Main Street by Friday, April 25th, 2014. To receive a registration form, you may call City of Pikeville Director of Events at (606) 616-1513 or download from this website. There will be a $60.00 fee required if not registered by April 20th deadline. In order to be able to line up on parade day, you must present a copy of your entry form.
  3. ALL entries MUST include on their entry form their theme for the parade. All entries are asked to design their theme towards the spirit of the Hillbilly Days event.
  4. All vehicles must have a licensed, insured operator at least 21 years of age or older to operate any equipment or vehicles in the parade.
  5. All participants riding a horse must be 21 years of age, have a copy of their homeowner's insurance policy and willing to sign a release of liability against the festival and all other agencies involved in the event.
  6. All participants will be required to stay within 25 ft. from the participant in front of them. For the safety of the crowd we ask that no breaks in the parade occur at any time, unless it jeopardizes the safety of another.
  7. No participants will be allowed to stop during the parade for any reason, unless the entry in front of you has stopped or it jeopardizes the safety of another.
  8. If your vehicle malfunctions please pull over and allow parade to continue.  Contact a member of law enforcement along the route and they will get you assistance.
  9. All media interviews (radio, newspaper or television) will be required to be conducted prior to the parade beginning. No interviews will be permitted while the parade is in motion due to safety precautions. We do welcome photography during the parade and interviews while the parade is being lined up.
  10. No vehicles over 26,000 pounds will be permitted in the parade. This will allow vehicles including flatbeds & box-vans as long as they do not exceed the 26,000 pound weight limit. (No Semi-Trucks or Tractor Trailer will be allowed due to crowd safety).
  11. All entries must be in line at the time specified on your entry form. Late arrivals may not be allowed to participate.
  12. There will be a team on site in their RED Hillbilly Days shirts, with STAFF written on their backs to assist in the line up and ensure these rules are followed.
  13. Gifts given out to the crowd such as candy, toys, beads etc will only be allowed to be thrown from the start of the parade down to 4th street (Hardee's).  Please do not litter the streets past this point.  This is to respect the residential area and to keep it clean.
  14. Please pay attention to your surroundings and above all else BE SAFE.

Please view the map for the current parade route. For more information regarding the 2014 Parade Changes, please contact the City Events Director at (606) 616-1513. We look forward to seeing you again this year. The City of Pikeville will work diligently to ensure everyone a happy and safe Hillbilly Days.

Please mail your completed Parade Entry Form and payment to:

2014 Hillbilly Days Parade
243 Main Street
Pikeville, KY 41501

Please make checks payable to City of Pikeville.
Forms must be received no later than Monday, April 21, 2014.

Or you can drop off at the City of Pikeville, 243 Main Street.

Click here to download the Parade Entry form.